What it’s like to work for a socially conscious company

By: Sabrina and Taylor, Kellogg Summer Interns

Kellogg’s heart and soul shines brightly through volunteerism – a key component of our company’s commitment to create Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. In fact, Kellogg employees globally have logged more than 18,000 volunteer days in just the last two years.

Our employees have an opportunity to  give back in a variety of ways throughout the year, from helping food pantries pack meals to refurbishing community gardens so local residents have a source for fresh produce.

Engagement in volunteerism includes our interns. Sabrina, an intern in Customer Strategy, attends University of Florida. Taylor is an Information Technology intern who attends University of Michigan. We caught up with them recently to learn about their volunteer experiences and what it means to them to work for a socially conscious company.

Q: Let’s get to know you a bit better. Where are you from and when did you first know about Kellogg?

Sabrina: My parents are from Colombia and I grew up there much of my childhood. My first memory of Kellogg is having Zucaritas, which really at that time was the first cereal in Colombia.

Taylor: I’m from Battle Creek. I remember walking out my front door and smelling cereal every morning on my way to school. Every time I smell cereal now, it smells like home for me.

Q: Why did you choose to intern at Kellogg?

Sabrina: Kellogg has a really big recruiting presence at the University of Florida, so I went to a recruiting session and really liked who I interviewed with.

Taylor: This is my third summer at Kellogg. I started as an intern while at the Battle Creek Math and Science Center in high school. Then I applied to be a college intern. I’ve moved around within the IT function each year, which is nice because it’s given me a variety of experiences.

Q: What knowledge, if any, did you have about Kellogg’s Heart and Soul efforts before you joined us?

Sabrina: I grew up in a town in Colombia that was really poor. So, when I saw that Kellogg placed such an emphasis on giving back, I was thrilled. Most companies have a philanthropy mission, but it’s kind of hard to see what they do or how they do it. I was attracted to Kellogg because I could see how their efforts in the community were helping. As a Hispanic student starting in the corporate world with predominantly white people, that’s something that hits home for me. I would say that’s a major reason why I chose Kellogg.

Taylor: I knew about the World’s Longest Breakfast Table, which Kellogg hosts each year in downtown Battle Creek. When I was a kid, I’d go out and run the 5K that’s part of the event. But I didn’t know how truly involved they were with different groups of people, like their Business/Employee Resource Groups, until I started working here. It’s really cool to see how diverse and great their efforts are.

Q: How important is it for you and your friends that companies like Kellogg support social causes?

Sabrina: I’m always looking for a brand that is passionate about giving something back. My friends geeked out when Kellogg debuted its All Together Cereal in support of the LGBT community for Spirit Day. I was already interning here. My friends spent $15 on one box of cereal. It was insane!

Taylor: When I’m at a store and they ask if I want to round up the total of my purchase for a cause I say, sure. It makes everyone’s lives better and you get the satisfaction of giving back. I recently cut 12 inches off my hair and donated it. I got to see who it went to, which was even more gratifying.

Q: What are some of the volunteer activities you’ve taken part in this summer?

Taylor: We had 90 interns volunteer at Leila Arboretum here in Battle Creek. They put us into separate groups and some of us were planting, but most of us worked on building a fence. It would’ve taken them hours and hours to do all of that, so the fact we were able to give them all that help was great.

Sabrina: My favorite event was filling bags with bite-sized food items that benefitted a local school. We did it in the office, too, so when people were passing by it was easy to see, “oh man, my company really is making a difference!”

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