Why I’m proud to work for Kellogg now more than ever

Perspectives from a Kellogg Plant Director in Zanesville, Ohio

Derrick Brewster, Kellogg Plant Director

It’s 7:00 a.m.

Inside our plant in Zanesville, Ohio, first-shift production colleagues keep the MorningStar Farms lines humming. Line after line, box after box, trailer full after trailer full.

On and on this goes. All day. The pace won’t change.

In fact, the pace is accelerated these days.

Around 7:30 a.m., drivers and their trucks depart – fully loaded.

Mile after mile, town after town, store after store, they deliver. Same with my colleagues who produce Pop-Tarts, Special K cereal, Pringles – to name just a few of our iconic Kellogg foods that families around the world enjoy together.   

I’ll tell you this: never have I been prouder to work for Kellogg than I am right now, feeding the world; my friends, my family and my neighbors.

It’s easy to take for granted how store shelves are easily re-stocked time after time, day after day when there isn’t a pandemic.

But my colleagues throughout Kellogg are making it happen now more than ever before, and we couldn’t be prouder of our hard work and dedication. They’re filling our stores. We’re keeping all of us around the world nourished, connected though food and moving, even if we can’t go very far. Our global food chain partners are doing their part, too – farmers, truckers, grocery store stockers and cashiers are all working together to ensure people are fed during this tough time.

The word “hero” is typically assigned to medical professionals these days – and rightfully so; however, I hope you’ll also think of the tens of thousands of people who are working tirelessly to feed the world right now.

It’s incredibly gratifying and humbling to think about shoppers picking Kellogg’s products off the shelf and dropping them into their carts. I picture people taking that first bite and enjoying a moment of satisfaction – and I am filled with pride knowing how many of us made it happen, now more than ever.

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