Inclusivity For All

Following are several messages that our Kellogg leaders – our Chairman and CEO, Steve Cahillane, and President Kellogg North America, Chris Hood – have shared with employees over the weekend and today.

Other Kellogg leaders are sharing their thoughts as well and we’re hosting multiple forums for dialogue with our employees on this critical issue.

As we continue to contend with the stress and life-altering disruptions of COVID-19, we are also faced with recent, tragic events in the news – such as the death of George Floyd and many others — which are emblematic of the discrimination and intolerance that exists across the world in so many heart-breaking ways.  

As a company, we continue to strive to create an environment where individuals of all backgrounds, capabilities and opinions are treated with dignity and respect. An environment where there is no tolerance for discrimination. An environment where we courageously speak up when we observe actions and behaviors that are not consistent with our values. This is what we believe in.

The reality is that many – our very own Kellogg employees – are at greater risk simply because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other factors that make them unique. 

We must be intentional about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace with equal and fair treatment for everyone. We must create a workplace that promotes open dialogue, where it is okay to talk about our fears and lay our frustrations out on the table without negative consequences.

Every one of us has the ability and the power to help promote safety and acceptance for our colleagues and community members. There is no easy solution to these problems, but we all have the ability to make it better in some way.

As we continue to face realities reflected by these recent events, please stay safe, be sensitive to the plights of those around us, and be especially supportive of one another

Ongoing racial disparity incidents — including the heart-wrenching events in recent weeks following the tragic deaths of George Floyd and too many others — have brought about so many emotions, ranging from anger to sorrow. To hear the stories of lives taken, families torn apart and communities shaken is devastating.

We believe in treating everyone in a fair, equal and inclusive manner, regardless of race. In North America, we cannot reinforce strongly enough our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment, particularly for African American/black and minority employees. This means ensuring we put practices and measures in place to create and maintain a diverse workforce, where each one of us is judged solely on the merit of our contributions.

Over the past few days, we’ve had many colleagues and employees reach out who are struggling due to ongoing racial injustices. We need to make sure we are giving our people the support they need, particularly at this critical time. Whether it’s checking in on each other or giving our colleagues some grace while we all try to make sense of a situation that clearly is beyond comprehension. The absolute worst thing we can do is stay silent.

We need to create an open dialogue where employees can speak freely, and express frustrations and concerns. We are both personally committed to participating in these conversations and assure you Kellogg leadership and the North America Leadership Team are as well.

In the coming weeks, the D&I team along with KAARG will be hosting an open dialogue and we encourage all of you to participate. Details of this town hall will be shared shortly.

In the days, weeks and months that follow, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your colleagues, your manager, HR or your B/ERG leaders to talk. Our support and compassion for each other is more important now than ever.

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