NAACP: Corporate partners vital to our fight against racial injustic

Janette Louard, Interim General Counsel, NAACP

Economic opportunity.

All people want it.

Unfortunately, not all people have it.

African Americans and other underserved groups face challenging economic realities like poverty, lack of jobs, disproportionately high unemployment, and a lack of affordable housing.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People works every day to fight this.

But we couldn’t make nearly the impact we do without valued corporate partners like Kellogg.

We greatly appreciate Kellogg’s recent $1 million donation to support NAACP’s work. It funds our ability to make our strategy a reality. Our six “Game Changers,” as we call them, include programs around education, health, public safety and criminal justice, voting rights, youth engagement and – yes – economic sustainability.

But our relationship with Kellogg runs much deeper than money.

In 2003, we joined forces to create the NAACP Law Fellow Program.

The program gives students who have completed at least one year of law school the opportunity to work for the summer at NAACP Headquarters in Baltimore. Kellogg Company Fund makes this possible each year, including another $100,000 contribution in 2020.

That’s the economic part of it, and it’s important.

But Kellogg also provides an opportunity – each year the company brings 15 to 20 law fellows to its offices. They meet Kellogg employees and leaders. They shadow mentors. They sit in on meetings.

It’s a unique experience for our fellows to temporarily immerse themselves in one of the world’s most recognized companies. And because of that opportunity, our fellows leave feeling more empowered because they’ve had access to elite training and education – and because they have advocates for their wellbeing.

The NAACP works every day to create a society in which all individuals have equal rights and equal opportunity – without racial discrimination.

We’re grateful that Kellogg supports this vision.

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