Our new Vision and Purpose is uniquely Kellogg, crafted just for you

By Steve Cahillane, Chairman & CEO, Kellogg Company

This is a big moment.

I’d like to introduce Kellogg’s new Vision and Purpose, the culmination of a nearly year-long process to capture who we are and where we’re headed as a company.

Our new Vision: A good and just world, where people are not just fed but fulfilled.

Our new Purpose: Creating better days and a place at the table for everyone, through our trusted food brands.

Take a look at this video…

Now, I’m sure you have a couple questions, such as… why? And why now?

We set out on this journey before the pandemic, because we thought we had an opportunity to be more modern, more courageous and more forward-looking. Our existing Vision and Purpose no longer truly reflected the ambition of our company today and the success of our Deploy for Growth strategy.

The pandemic only reinforces this. Research shows that COVID-19 has made consumers seek comfort and familiarity through returning to brands they love, which means they are placing their trust in us more than ever. We know that consumers and customers place extra value in companies who live their purpose.

Factor in all of this and it was clear: the time for a refresh of our Vision and Purpose is now.

A vision is a view of the future – a destination we’re working towards. A purpose articulates why we exist. I think you’ll agree – our new Vision and Purpose are uniquely and perfectly us, which was the goal. Each word was chosen with care.

  • ​“A good and just world” echoes the beliefs of our founder who was committed to doing the right thing, and represents our desire to have a fair, equitable and ethical environment.
  • “Not just fed but fulfilled”: Reflects our holistic view of wellbeing, including physical, emotional and societal factors. This phrase has many other meanings as well, capturing the feeling consumers get from our delicious and nourishing foods, reflecting the feeling we all get when we do something good, and describing how we want employees to feel about the contributions you make at work – that each of our talents are being fully utilized.
  • “Better days” has many meanings. Of course, it represents our global food insecurity platform which we know already resonate with Kellogg employees. Our Kellogg’s Better Days platform is also known to many external stakeholders. The word also better implies ‘improved,’ signaling the progress we aim to make.
  • “Place at the table for everyone” also has multiple meanings, representing how our food brings people together, what we strive to achieve through ‘Better Days’ to address food insecurity and make our foods more accessible, and how we partner from farm to table to create value. It also reflects our goal of being a diverse & inclusive employer of choice.
  • “Trusted food brands” conveys how people love our iconic brands and trust our foods. Our brands bring people together. People tell stories about our brands because they are part of the fabric of their lives. This phrase is also a signpost to measure our performance by – trust is earned and we must remain vigilant in responsibly producing and marketing our foods.

Our Vision and Purpose are for our Kellogg people, first and foremost. That’s why we involved Kellogg employees from a variety of levels and regions throughout this process.

We didn’t outsource this work to consultants. We carried out research with employees across the globe and we listened to customers and consumers as well.

I am incredibly excited about where we landed. I hope you are too.

Factor in all of this and it was clear: the time for a refresh of our Vision and Purpose is now.

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