World Food Day competition reminds me that we’re stronger together

By Sherry Williamson, Vice President, Global Quality and Food Safety, National Co-Chair, Kellogg African American Resource Group

Diversity and inclusion are among Kellogg’s greatest strengths.

Our company has eight Business Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs), each with their own focus. I co-chair Kellogg’s African American Resource Group (KAARG), which provides all employees with an opportunity to network and participate in events that demonstrate how black and African Americans experience the workplace.

Although each B/ERG is unique, we often join forces to drive greater impact. A recent example was a virtual fundraiser we held to support World Food Day.

Food insecurity has reached an all-time high this year because of the pandemic. As it spreads, it’s estimated that an additional 83 to 132 million people will go hungry.

Kellogg typically holds in-person food drives for World Food Day, but that couldn’t happen this year. So, we got creative – and competitive.

We challenged each B/ERG to see who could raise the most money. It’s fun for me to write this post, because a) I’m a little competitive; and b) KAARG won the competition.

But this wasn’t about wins and losses.

In all, donations on behalf of our eight B/ERGs and Kellogg’s company match totaled nearly $45,000 for United Way hunger programs. And, because KAARG won the competition, Kellogg will donate $5,000 on our behalf to Martha’s Table, the non-profit that increases access to high-quality education and healthy food.

When you consider five dollars donates up to 50 meals, the $50,000 we collectively raised goes an extremely long way toward helping relieve food insecurity in a year when more people need it.

We live in a world right now that seems hyper-focused on our differences. And while our unique attributes are important, it’s also nice to remember that we can join forces for a greater cause.

To read more about each of Kellogg’s B/ERGs, check out our most recent Diversity and Inclusion report.

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